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5 Best WordPress Security Plugins of 2021


Today Millions of Websites are running on WordPress and number of websites on WordPress is growing day by day. so we just need to aware of the importance of security and Best WordPress Security Plugins of 2021 to use on our website/blog.

WordPress is the best platform to do blogging because it’s plugins features makes it easy and smooth in use. mostly this platform is using by bloggers for blogging but now you can see on the internet lot of websites of organizations and another firm, etc also are running on WordPress.  We have also discussed the plugins in old articles so if you are using WordPress platform then I am sure you know very well about the importance of plugins.

Best WordPress Security Plugins of 2021

We must need to know about Security of our website/blog, actually, WordPress is very simple in default security because WordPress provides the same method to login in your website like same as another WP user.

Actually, for WordPress Security, we have to install any best plugin which is suitable for you then configure that plugin according to yourself for better security. It’s very easy steps and I am hardly suggesting you to never use nulled theme or nulled plugin on your blog/website if you want to keep from hacking by others.

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So here I am sharing with you list of 5 Best WordPress Security Plugins of 2021, which will help you to make your WordPress site more secure.

5 Best WordPress Security Plugins of 2021 Every Blogger Should Use

iTheme Security

This is one of the best Plugin for secure your WordPress site and it’s available in free version and paid version both. And both version also works mostly same but the paid version has some more and special features.

iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security) By iThemes

Mostly bloggers recommended this plugin to me in my beginning journey of blogging and now I am recommending for you.

All in One WP Security

It’s another awesome Plugin that can help you to secure your WordPress site. Because this plugin is comprehensive with WP security and firewall. In this plugin, you will get 3 kinds of security level – basic, intermediate and Advance.

All In One WP Security & Firewall By Tips and Tricks HQ, Peter, Ruhul, Ivy

And This plugin also alerts you if any one tried to log in with wrong login details and block him immediately and also alert you when someone changes your wp file and you can block by only single click. This plugin is must have for all WordPress user because this provides us all with one means all kind of useful things in a single plugin, no need to use more.

Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security By Wordfence

It’s another lovely and awesome plugin for wp security. Features of this plugins are really mind-blowing. Actually, this plugin scans each visitor of your wp blog and also work like firewall which help you to secure your blog from hackers. Word fence also scan your blog posts and comments and malicious URL from your dashboard.

Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator By Henrik Schack

Google authenticator enables 2 step verification for each person who will try to log in on your dashboard.  You have to download Google authenticator for your Android, iPhone or blackberry. Then it will generate a core on every new login you have to write code in login page of wp site then it will give you access to wp dashboard.

Google Authenticator is security plugin which is provided by Google it self . as today we trust too much on Google products because of quality and power so you right as like other tools this is another awesome plugin by Google for WordPress users.

BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security By AITpro Website Security

BulletProof is another plugin for WordPress security and works same like other plugins. Provides better security feature for all WordPress users. And stop the malicious attack from different- different IP’ss. It alerts you via email if someone tries to log in your blog and failed or trying to log in with blocked IP.

These are the 5 Best WordPress Security Plugins of 2021 which I use personally for my other WordPress blog, WordPress membership plugins are also very popular to use via some Bloggers and Webmaster they make use of it for their security and privacy.

SO I hope you will like my choice because some more plugins are available on top five Best WordPress Security Plugins of 2021 but I have selected some of best for you. And if you are using another plugin which I have not listed here you can share with us or need any kind of help in installing these plugins in your WordPress dashboard you can ask me through commenting here or directly contact us.

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