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5 Ways Animated Videos Promote Your Brand


Seeing is believing. That’s the perspective which most online users carry. The updates about rapidly shrinking attention span have taken over many industries that motivated marketers to look for ways that can prove more effective. In the hunt for such techniques, one trick surfaced that has always been overshadowed due to the complexities involved in the production.

Well, that wonderful technique is an animated video. People have considered video production challenging but with the advent of professional tools and software, it has become simpler and easier. From being a source of mere entertainment for kids, it has turned into a profitable and productive branding asset.

The reasons why many companies like Video Animation INC have opted to animated video marketing and about the benefits it generates are summarized below:

Get Close to Your Audience

You need to create a deep connection with your target audience. You must be able to create a strong bond and emotional connection with them. Only if you capture their heart and mind you can predict potential outcomes. You can do this by creating animated videos. Through these videos, you can speak and interact with them. You can give your brand a face and voice.

You can humanize your brand, which is needed immensely to generate outbound revenues. Your customers will be able to see how your products operate what are the possible benefits and get the idea about your level of professionalism.

The Colors of Identity

Colors are the most essential part of expanding your brand’s reach. They can leave the imprints of your company in the viewer’s mind. To register brand awareness, you need to make perfect use of colors. In your custom animated videos, you can incorporate colors on appropriate places that will reflect your identity and eventually accelerate brand recognition.

Enhanced Online Visibility

Having a marketing video is the best thing you can do to boost your online visibility. According to the statistic, landing pages with videos are more likely to appear in the searches. Moreover, explainer videos can accelerate the average visit time of a website up to 1500%. It will bring your website in the top searches. Once your website hits the leading spot, it will generate accelerated lead generation and an increases conversion rate. Moreover, by having explainer video content in your marketing campaign you can reach out to people belonging to far off the regions.

Deliver Your Message Effectively

Within less than 60 to 90 seconds you can communicate your message to your audience efficiently. Just when a new product line hit the market, get your animated videos created to educate your viewers about the worth of having your product. You can even stir the need to have it and convince customers about the quality it holds.

The video will showcase the entire procedure as to how a new product works and what are the complexities involved, in this way your viewers will not be oblivion about the capabilities of your products.

Build Trust

The first brick to forming a strengthen clientele is to build trust among your customers. You can do that by having an animated video. The video not only guides about your products but can deliver brief information about your company. You can learn about the level of professionalism it holds and the quality it provides.

A marketing video can increase conversions up to 20%. It can indulge the attention of viewers and convince, thereby converting prospective viewers into potential customers. Moreover, humans tend to remember things that are relatable or one that creates an impact. With the use of video production, you can achieve both of these goals. You can create an impact and can stick at the back of the mind for longer.

Wrap Up

You may find a number of ways to make successfully animated videos but the real secret lies in uniqueness. Your work should be impressive and compelling. It should be targeted to customer’s needs while addressing customer preferences. If you can become to create such a video, you can predict unstoppable progress.

An innovative video has the likelihood of getting viral instability. The online users love to share creative content on their social media sites, which boost the productivity and performance of brands. In addition, you can even create your brands YouTube channel that will surely bring double folds on your investment. Its time you must grab some amazing techniques and indulge in video production.

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