Benefits Of Using Xender

9 Benefits Of Using Xender


Every business understands the importance of a good quality file sharing application. With the help of the right file sharing app not only will businesses manage to share large files more effectively but it will also help them to share vital information even when they are away from their work desk.

There are a number of different file sharing applications that you will find, but there is no denying that Xender happens to be one of the more popular file sharing applications that people across the globe are very keen on using. If you are not too sure about whether or not you should download Xender for your PC or your mobile phone today then here are nine effective benefits of this file sharing application that you simply cannot ignore.

Backup Important Files

One of the best things about Xender is that you can back up all your important files and documents so that you never have to worry about losing them. If there is a vital file that needs to be sent out and you need to make sure that you do not lose the file then it does not make sense to store it on a USB drive because this could get corrupt.

However when you store it on Xender it can stay there for as long as you want without having to worry about them getting deleted or taking up too much space. This is a great feature for businesses but it is also perfect for people who want to store their precious family photos that they have clicked on holidays.

Send Large Files No Matter Where You Are

You cannot attach something to an email that is larger than 10 MB in size but when you’ve got Xender you don’t have to worry about that anymore because you can send files as large as 10 GB in one go. You can share these files with whomever you want because Xender is a highly compatible file sharing application that can be downloaded on various operating systems. The best part of this file sharing application is that it is available on mobile phones as well as computers and this makes it easy for you to transfer documents and other information and files whenever you want.

Access Documents Whenever You Need

The best part about using Xender is that it is user friendly and you won’t have to struggle too much to use the application. It automatically syncs with all your devices that it is installed in and this makes it convenient for you to view documents on which ever gadget you have in hand. In case you have forgotten to send out an important file when you were at work and you need to share it, pull out your smartphone and do that with the help of Xender.

Built-In Search Feature

One of the major complaints that people using file sharing applications have is that over a period of time it becomes difficult for them to find the right file because they have such a lot of information saved on the mobile application. With Xender this is something that you don’t need to worry about because it comes with a built-in search feature allows you to search for the file you are looking for with the help of the imp source making it convenient for you to access files that you had uploaded years ago.

Character Recognition

It is common to forget the real name of a file that you saved a few years ago, and if you thought that it’s impossible to search for the file without the name then you can now rely on Xender even for that. If you have a faint memory of what the file contains, a single word out of it or even a character simply search the letter on Xender app and it will pop up. If you have memory problems you can still rely on Xender to get back files that you saved ages ago.

Multiple Formats

If you are a graphic designer or an interior designer then simple pictures and videos may not work well for you. However, with Xender there is no complaining because you can share files irrespective what format they are in without having to worry about the file getting corrupt. With Xender you can store as much information as you want, create groups to share that information and send it out in one go. People who need a lot of pictures for a project or when they need to send out too much information to many people they no longer need to struggle when they use Xender.

Edit On The Go

With Xender application you can now edit any of the files that you want even when you are on your mobile phone making it convenient for you to make changes even at the last minute just before stepping into a meeting. Everyone likes to do the revision and with Xender you can now make sure that none of the documents you share have any mistakes because you have enough time to go back and forth with it considering how convenient it is to access it on various devices as well as edit it.

Image Recognition

Xender will now help to group a certain cluster of photographs together based on the kind of image that it is. This means that you will now manage to segregate your work images from the personal ones with a simple click of a button because of the high end technology used by this file sharing application.

It’s Free

One of the major highlights of Xender is that it is free to use and you do not have to worry about ever paying to use the service. Another great thing about Xender is that it is available in multiple languages so if your business is one of those that has people from other countries, communication is not going to be a barrier and that’s not going to stop you from sharing vital information with one another.

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