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How to Make Money Online with PTC Sites?

How To, Make Money Online

Today we are again here to let you know about the Same Topic.  Do You Know about Paid-to-Click sites Who will pay you Money for every single click you make on their Website. If not, then, you are missing out on some money. PTC Sites are one of the best ways to Make money Online. You can earn income in your Free time, when you are doing nothing, Just open any Paid-to-click Website and start earning. But before going ahead, i wanna tell you that, this is not a way to get rich. You can only Earn some part time Income. So, let’s learn more about these websites.

What are PTC sites?

As you know Paid to click sites pay money to users for watching or clicking Advertisements. These kind of websites creates a direct link between Advertisers and Online Users (called clients). These sites also allow you to Make Money by doing some extra activities like playing Games, Completing Tasks or Referring Friends.

How PTC sites Work?

All PTC Sites have many Advertisers who willing to pay money to promote their products or Websites. So, those Advertisers Pay a little amount of Money for showing Ads and the, PTC sites give a little share from that Money to Users (clients) who click on that Ads. So, this way Advertiser’s Products are directly shown to Clients. So, its Pure Business and clear way to Make Money Online.

How to Make Money with PTC Sites?

There are different ways to Make money with PTC sites.

#1 Clicking Ads

The First and the main method to earn from these websites is by clicking on the Ads. But they will also force you to view the same Advertisement for a specific period of Time. For Example, One of My favorite Clixsense (Popular paid-to click site) will ask you to stay on an Advertisement page for about 3 to 30 seconds. Time will vary according to the Money Advertiser willing to pay. If you left the page before the timer completes, then, they will not transfer money in your account. They Will also place a Robot check to ensure that Advertisements are being viewed by Humans.

#2 Referring Others

Similarly to any other online business, PTC websites also have a good referral system in place where you can refer your friends and earn a commission. The Amount of Commission will be different according to Websites, some will also pay you 2 and 3rd tier commission, which means if your friend who Signed up under you, also refereed another user to this site, then, you will get a commission from that too.

#3 Completing Tasks

You will discover many different Tasks like Surveys, Form Sign ups, Newsletter Signups, etc. as Tasks on these websites. You need to complete those tasks properly to get the money. Also, if you completed specific number of tasks, then, they might give you a bonus.

So, these are some ways to Make money with PTC Sites. You may find some more ways, but it may vary on different Websites.

Best PTC Sites on Internet?

There are Many different websites available online who will pay money for Ad clicking. But only few of them are legitimate. So, i will Advice to use one of my Favorite Clixsense or Neobux. I will like to mention few things about clixsense below.

What is Clixsense?

ClixSense is a PTC (Paid To Click) website founded on February 2007 and they have well over paid $3 Million to 2 Million clients. They are the most Trusted and reliable Company.

Positives about Clixsense?

  • Provides various Ads Per Day having different Pay Rates.
  • $8 Minimum Payment threshold for Premium Members Via PayPal.
  • The Most trusted PTC Company.
  • ClixSense clients have Chance to Win $5 Reward daily by completing all tasks ,clicking All Ads..
  • Have Referrals Earning Amount from $0.0002 to $0.008 per click.
  • Provides Browser Toolbar to clients which Give Notification when New Ads are available.
  • Unlimited Direct Referrals.
  • Guaranty Ads Daily.

Note:- This is not a way to get Rich Over Night. You have to Word Hard to get your Payout. They will pay through PayPal. If you have any Question Regarding PTC sites, then don’t feel shy to ask via comments.

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