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Social Warfare WordPress plugin: Should You Use The Free or Premium Version?


Looking for an incredible WordPress social buttons plugin then you are on the right website. Here I will talk in detail about an amazing WordPress social button plugin named Social warfare. I will cover the benefits and features of this plugin and also what is the better free version or premium version? So let us begin.

The success of any blog and website entirely depends on the traffic it gets. You are here that means you are not getting enough traffic.  You might have come to know how plugins benefit a blog’s performance. If you have talked to any SEO expert then he must have told you to use a social button plugin. But you don’t know why it is so important and which one is the best to buy? Don’t worry I am here to solve all your problems.

Social buttons are the easiest way to share your blog content to social platforms like facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Quora and so on.  Sharing your content across these websites will increase the social traffic which is the most powerful way to make your blog successful. The best part of social traffic is that you don’t have to pay for any traffic. All the traffic is through your content.

Now many plugins in WordPress provide you the ability to install the social button on your blog and website. But selecting the best plugin to get the desired result is very important.

In my opinion, Social warfare plugin is one of the finest WordPress theme plugins. This plugin is used by most of the successful bloggers as this plugin provides the best features and increase the performance of your blog. Social warfare plugin basically is free to download from the WordPress plugin store and also provide a premium package. Now, which one should we use? Let us see from the start.

Social warfare

Social warfare WordPress plugin is the most loved and widely used WordPress social plugin. It provides you with all the supported social buttons which are easy to set up and provide some amazing features which will benefit your blog or website.

The plugin comes in two packages. Free and premium. In the free package you can use it with some limitation and in the premium package you will get access to all the premium features which is restricted in the free version.

Social Warfare free

The social warfare free version you can freely download it from the WordPress plugin store. In the free version you will get some limited social buttons and features.  You can add approx 5-6 buttons which are facebook, twitter, Pinterest, linkedin, and StumbleUpon.

You can use free version if you are a new blogger and don’t have money to invest but if want 100% result then I will recommend you to use the premium version which is paid. I will be talking about the pro version below and will see all the features of it.

Social warfare pro

Social warfare pro is the premium WordPress plugin which gives the easy way to add all the popular social button on your blog or website without having any coding knowledge. In the pro version, you will be getting access to all the premium features of this plugin which will help your blog performance growth.

Social Warfare Pro version costs a lot of money you can use this Social Warfare Coupon Code to grab the Pro version of the plugin with a whopping discount when you’ll be using our Coupon Code on the checkout page.

1. All supported social buttons

In social warfare pro plugin you will be getting all the all the supported popular social button with some extra sharing option like WhatsApp, email, twitter, facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, tumbler and many more.

2. Customizable buttons

We are free to place the share buttons anywhere we want. We can add it on above the content , below the content or on both position. We can also manually place the buttons according to our need.

3. Floating share buttons

We can customize our share button to float on the screen. This is the most preferred option to place the buttons because the buttons will be floating on the screen and the user will always have a view on the buttons. This will increase the share rate.

4.  Pin content image

You get the option to enable pin images features which is very cool features as the pin button will appear whenever your mouse will hover over the images in the content. This makes very simple to pin your content images in Pinterest and make your content popular.

5. Recover share count

You can recover your share count which you have lost due to changing links or migrating from protocols like HTTP to HTTPS. This will delete all your sites efforts. But from social warfare feature, you can recover your lost share count and again gain the trust of all your visitors.

6. Google analytics and link shorting

You get the features to shorten your post link and with this, you know how many clicks are getting on your links.

You can also set up google analytics in your share buttons so that you will come to know how many times your button is getting hits.

7. Protection of your content

In social warfare pro, you are getting the feature of content projection. The plugin has frame buster which protects your blog’s content from the hijack and from placing ads unauthorized.

8. Tweets in content

There is a powerful feature called “click-to-tweet”. You can create quotes in your content which is tweetable. The quote can be easily tweeted on twitter. This can effectively help you to increase the tweet count.

My final views on social warfare pro plugin are that it is one of the powerful WordPress social plugins to help you to grow in your blogging journey. If you are serious about blogging getting traffic then you should go with the premium one as in a premium package you will get a lot of options to customize and improve your blog performance without many efforts.

So here was the benefits of social warfare pro WordPress plugin and its top features in the premium version.

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