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The Ultimate guide for video animation for the NOOBS


To create perfect an animated video can be a tricky task. Whether you hire someone or do it on your own you are never going to hit your goal without any proper guideline. You can never ever create a simple animation video if you are not following the guidelines for the animation video. I have mentioned some of the guidelines which will definitely help you to become a skillful video animator.

1. Write down a stellar video script:

Just as the salt is important to add taste to your dish, composing a script for your video animation is essential as well. As a script writer you have to decide what is going to be display in your video. At first it seems to be a little tricky but as the time will pass and with little extra effort everything will become easy for you. Before starting to write up a script for your video you have to take a start with a powerful; video brief. This will encourages you to understand your targeted potential audience and the chief message of your video. Before composing a script writing, you have to understand some major points:

  • Purpose of the video
  • What is the main goal of the video
  • Who is your targeted niche?
  • What will be the response of the audience after watching your video?
  • The chief lesson or message of your video.

By following and clearing up your mind you can easily compose a strong script for your animated video.

2. Story board for your animation video:

Story board plays a vital role in the animation video creation procedure. it will offers you co-workers and the decision maker who will enlightened your mind with their mind blowing idea that how will your final video look like even before you haven’t start created your video completely. Animation Video Production Company the noobs and the beginners creates a storyboard which will supports you to interpretate the basic concept that how will your video is going to work out. It will also aids you tweak the scripts and visuals to create the most irresistible animation video. A storyboard is just like a comic version of your animation video which chief purpose is to create one helps you to manage your video scene by scene. If you are creating a storyboard through the traditional way let me tell you that it may look messy. The sketching may seems dull and bore. So to prevent the dullness and boredom there are online tools present which can spice up your storyboard.

3. Select your animation video style:

There are various types of animation videos are present, which you can use in your video animation. But it depends on the genre of your video style. There are different style of animation video, each of them differs from other. If one is entertaining and fun the second one might be serious or more like inspirational it all depends on the style. Here I am telling you about some of the animation video styles.

  • 2D animation is one of the most known and common type of animation widely used by video animators. This animation is created by sequencing images in a loop in a continuous motion of images to stimulate the image motion as same as the traditional form of animation. This type of animation will fall in the B2B and B2C. As your targeted audience grew up watching the cartoons then 2D animation will definitely help you to target your potential audience easily.
  • Whiteboard animation videos are falls in the lane of the explainer videos. If it is carried in the right way so it can attract more and more audience. It capture the attention of the audience by creating the characters and the scenes in front of the audience. This instantly draws their attention of the audience towards your video. The perfect falls in the education industry, or for the teachers to teach their students easily.

4. Animate your video:

Making a decision that how you are going to animate your video can be tricky because there are multiple options present to choose for your video animation. Every options holds its own advantages and disadvantages. So pick the wisest way for your video animation.

5. Light up your video by adding sound:

By adding up a suitable background music or sound in your video animation, can accelerate your views. It’s just like to set a cherry on the top just to enhance your video animation so that the user loves to invest their time in your animated video. It’s easy to find the right music for your animated video because in this everything is simplified through the help of the online tools.


These are the 5 guide lines which can surely help you to become a skillful video animator.

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