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Tips Illustrators Should Know For Designing Comic Book Characters


Tips Illustrators Should Know For Designing Comic Book Characters

Character design plays an essential role in comic book creation. You can be proficient at drawing and designing but the act of writing and drawing characters for a comic is a different thing. You have to analyze every factor and detail before you add a certain design element to the canvas. Drawing for comic books might become taxing for some as you have to start from zero but for that, you not only have to make your imagination your guide but you also need to take care of certain details.

It is easier to get inspiration from the best comic illustrations in the industry but making one yourself without any references and familiarity is a difficult task. However, if you plan it all out beforehand then your skill and expertise as an artist are all you need.

Think about your audience

Your audience needs to be your utmost priority, as without them your comic would hold no meaning. The structure and design of your characters depend upon the demographics of your audience. If it is children then try to use mundane colors with uncomplicated designs or patterns. If it were for a more mature audience then complex visuals would work too. The core attributes involved in character design are the expressions and features since they give the visuals a unique persona.

Correct positioning

You can place your characters anywhere in a blank canvas but it is recommended to calculate the measurements and space required for each character before you begin drawing. Place the characters in the canvas first and then fill in the extra details in the background. You could also add extra objects and elements according to your design requirements. Optimize the space keeping each device in mind. If it is viewed on a mobile phone or a PC, there should be no compromise on the responsiveness of design.

Research and welcome change

You might have a certain niche in character designing but at times, some techniques and styles become outdated. Before that happens research about the latest trends and styles in order to stay updated about the changes in the field of designing. Research might lead you to discover a better approach at the illustration and it might make your drawings more popular. That is why every illustrator needs to welcome change and gradually add new attributes to his or her character designs.

Make it distinctive

There is a reason characters in books or comics are divided into categories. The main character always has a distinct personality that does not resemble with the side characters. However, it does not imply that you would not pay heed to the development and design of background characters. Every visual in your comic illustration is important and you have to give each of them a significant and unique aesthetic. If your story’s lead has a strong personality then give different traits to the rest but do not add any sort of similarities between the two in terms of visual design.

Simplicity always works

We mentioned adding attributes that highlight certain aspects but some artists tend to complicate the design in hopes of making it different. The character design needs to be simple as simplicity works better if your goal is recognition. Add fewer strobes of line art and fill them with colors wherever you deem it necessary. If you add additional elements only to make it attractive then it will do the opposite.

Selection of colors

The purpose of using colors is not to add appeal but it gives the canvas a complete distinctive theme. Using colors for characters adds a flair of personality and your audience can judge how a certain character looks likely solely with the help of the right color combination. You could make few pages or the cover of your comic colorful so the readers have an idea about how each character looks like before they begin reading the comic.

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