real state with Blockchain

Various advantages to invest in real state with Blockchain


Blockchain technology is recent adopt and use by the commercial real estate (CRE) industry. CRE executives are finding that blockchain-based smart contracts can play a much more significant role in their industry, and this technology can potentially transform core CRE operations such as property transactions like to buy, for sale, finance, to hire, and management transactions.  The blockchain in real estate India has to lead to the creation (and loss) of millions of fortunes, the launch of hundreds of new companies. In the most basic form, with the help of Blockchain, it is possible for the customers who used this for the first time and companies perform all the significant transactions without any intermediate, with the help of Blockchain the cost of buyer and seller become very affordable.

Advantages to investing in real estate via blockchain technology:- Real estate is a 217 trillion-dollar market, and it’s mostly illiquid for 95% of the world today. Real estate provides big profits to all customers likes buyers or sellers.

  1. International transactions:- Many Residential and Commercial Real estate  persons investing in abroad and always had great appeal to investors but most of them haven’t been able to enjoy the returns in real estate. They can’t even find the right investment property, difficult to transfer funds, immigration law, visa issues, and the exchange rate between the limits; now the Blockchain technology overcomes all these significant challenges and creates a streamlined procedure through tokenization. It opens access to the US real estate market, which is increasing in value since 1963.
  • Liquidity: – The illiquidity is the major disadvantage in real estate when people invest traditionally. People want to take advantage of the cash flow and the revaluation of capital, but also want some liquidity for a rainy day. Now people can get the benefits of real estate property and at the same time get the have liquidity.
  • Fewer rates:- To Investing in real estate worldwide will cost a lot of money in commissions due to exchange fees, transfer fees, broker fees, attorney’s fees, taxes and investment fees then it becomes expensive processes that cut its profitability in large scale, and make it less attractive to invest in abroad.  Now the Tokenization removes it from the previous process and does not require an expensive third-party intermediary which leads to increase in the costs. When the rates are very less that means people can generate more revenue and improve their overall performance.

In the future, it may be possible that if anyone wants to, but the house and have some investment money with their self then with one click on the shopping cart on a website it can be possible. Now blockchain reduces the seller and the buyers overhead because it ensures that the buyer gets the deed and the seller receive the cash. The real estate blockchain India will record all the mandatory public records like deed and title for the country. Brokers need to adapt the boom in the era of the blockchain.

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