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Website Design – How Can I Make the Website Myself?

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Once there were only two options for making a website. Either to spend time studying website design yourself or paying a large amount of money and getting the website made with a web agency.

Today you can easily create a professional website. The technology has come so far that you do not need to know the least for website design before you get started.

Can I really make a website without knowing anything about website design?

Yes, by following the videos here at you will get a website that is located on your own domain name, easy to edit, optimized for search engines and a professional design.

If you have a small company or have you been responsible for making the website, a page built on WordPress is an ideal solution. WordPress is free, so the only thing to be paid for is space on a web hotel as well as the registration of a domain name.

Now, you may think it’s difficult to buy a domain, install WordPress and make it all work, but that’s by no means. I’ve made three videos to show you exactly how you do.

Why does not everyone even make their website?

For a number of years, I have been working as a freelance web designer where I sold tailor-made website solutions. At the time there were no free, user-friendly and professional website systems.

If you wanted to create your own website, it was a great job to get into programming, design, and databases. Today, all this is handled automatically and ask me if I want to make a website for them, I simply recommend creating the website yourself using WordPress.

This is much cheaper than a web agency and the result is a professional and highly flexible website.

I think that the reason many choose to pay off website design is that they simply do not realize how easy it is to do themselves. They believe that web design is a very complicated affair and therefore they choose to pay off it.

Are you willing to spend some time creating your own website; you can save a lot of money. At the same time, you are not dependent on having to pay the web agency every time you wish to make changes to your website or your website design.

What does it cost to make a website?

If you follow the guides I have made here at, you will get space on a web hotel (where your website will be located) it costs 350, – for the first year’s web hosting. Subsequently, the web hotel costs less than 10, – a month, Having a .dk domain costs 50, – per year.

Most wishes also get a professional design for their website. The WordPress Themes (Genesis) I recommend cost $ 99. These themes/designs are displayed correctly on all mobile devices (responsive web design), are fast, optimized for search engines, translated into Danish and are professionally designed.

If you choose to have the design of a corresponding website at a best website designing agency, the price is rapidly rising above 5,000, -. It may sound extreme, but the fact is that many web agencies actually sell websites made in WordPress – they just take a very high price to set it up and make a design.

In addition to saving you by making the website yourself, it’s also a big advantage that you know how it’s all set up. This allows you to easily keep the website updated, create new articles, paste photos or add brand new items.

Can I make a unique design for my website?

Is it important for you that your design on your website can not be found elsewhere on the web, you have the option to change colors, fonts, placement of items, margin, images, etc. directly from your browser with the plug-in called Design Palette Pro.

This WordPress plug-in works with the Genesis themes/designs I recommend here on the page. There are, of course, limitations on how much you can change, but my experience is that WordPress, a self-chosen theme from Studio Press and the Design Palette Pro plug-in is enough for most of the needs.

With WordPress, it is of course also possible to insert your own logo and change what is in the footer of your website, etc.

How long does it take and how do I get started?

It does not take quite a long time to get a website online. The actual working time is 15-20 minutes, but since there is some waiting time associated with the activation of a .dk domain, it typically takes 4-5 hours. However, please note that it may take up to 24 hours for your .dk domain to be activated and DNS will be updated.

You can read more about how to easily get started while creating your own website with WordPress. Here you will find, besides the installation video, a video that shows you how to use WordPress and much more.

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